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Soft Gr8 brings excellence to the web experience by combining innovative business solution ideas, web application development and web design. It is web development one-stop-shop for businesses of any size or market – from small business to big corporations.

Soft Gr8 will provide you with the highest level of consulting, planning, project management, on-line and off-line application solutions and design.

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Gr8 Choice

If you are searching for the IT partner which can provide complete service of planning, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of simple or complex software systems, Soft GR8 is the right choice for you.

With its unique approach and experienced team, SoftGr8 guarantees that will be able to cope with the most demanding project requests. On time delivery of highest quality solutions is our main promise.

Gr8 Offer

The offer of SoftGr8 consists of top to bottom software development and project management. It includes expert consulting and unconditional support in finding best possible solution with optimal use of the given resources.

Cross-platform solutions, internal or external web-based solutions, GIS, mobile apps or any other type of software that might be needed will be carefully designed, programmed and implemented in agreed time-frame with the application of the latest world-class technology.

You can find a detailed offer here.

Gr8 Team

To a great extent, when developing complex informational systems previous experience utilization is vital. Members of the SoftGr8 team were leading or were being a part of the teams developing software solutions for national and international clients. Insuring companies, banks, national and regional libraries, large retail chains, government and non-government institutions and organizations are only some of the SoftGr8 team members’ clients.

Gr8 Experience

Soft GR8 provides real-time on-line collaboration tools which enables the client to be up-to-date with all development steps that are underway. Thus providing unique client experience with immediate update of the project plan and realistic test environment of any pre-production software solution version.

SoftGr8 has an extensive specialization and experience in nearshoring which enables clients that have operations in more countries to achieve significant savings by using already developed, tested and proven solutions regionally or over-seas.